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Installation & Maintenance Services

For digital radiology equipment across Africa.

Comprehensive User Trainings

For Client’s better understanding on equipment’s usage

Health Care IT-consultancy

Dedicated to empowering customers for optimal use of their equipment, devices, IT-solutions, etc.

Project Management

Universal Delft provides project management for Customers of Delft Imaging across Africa.


An excellent platform to improve skills and knowledge in the health sector.

Sale of Canon Films and Film printers

We have in stock the most affordable NIF Films and Printers.

Africa's largest e-Health project in Ghana

In February 2016, the Ghanaian government approved one of the largest e-Health projects in Africa to date: “Acceleration of Tuberculosis Case Detection in Ghana,” aiming to deliver diagnostic testing in an efficient and affordable way to its citizens.

With the help of a Dutch Government ORIO grant and partnering with Oldelft Benelux and the Universal Hospitals Group, Delft Imaging Systems installed 52 X-ray systems across Ghana, equipped with Computer Aided Detection for TB (CAD4TB) and teleradiology technology.

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Dutch expertise in Ghana is helping to combat tuberculosis.

Date Issued: March 30, 2016 – The Ministry of Health of Ghana will implement an innovative project to detect more cases Tuberculosis earlier. The Euro ...


Ghana & Netherlands invests in early Tuberculosis detection.

Date Issued: May 20, 2016 – Ghana’s Ministry of Health plans to invest 21.6 million euros in a project to detect tuberculosis at an early ...


Maiden Stakeholders Meeting Held in Kumasi Golden Tulip

Date Issued: November 01, 2016 – On the 4th and 5th of October 2016, all stakeholders in the ‘Accelerating Case Detection of Tuberculosis in Ghana’ project, gathered ...

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