Date Issued: May 28, 2020

Nearly all countries around the world are facing COVID-19. This crisis is inspiring unprecedented global efforts across all industries, and we are glad to offer our support. We developed CAD4COVID:  an artificial intelligence software that triages COVID-19 suspects on chest X-rays images and indicates the affected lung tissue.

CAD4COVID has been developed with the intention to support triaging in resource-constrained settings and high-prevalence areas. It has become available in the week of March 30th and its use will be free-of-charge.

COVID-19 is a global health crisis that will long be remembered and that has impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. Both low- and high-resource countries have been greatly impacted by this public health crisis. In response to this crisis, we want to support Ministries of Health and healthcare facilities around the world by leveraging our extensive experience in artificial intelligence and tuberculosis screening, with which we have already screened millions of people around the world.

The ingenuity behind CAD4COVID uses the same technical core as our proven software for tuberculosis detection, CAD4TB. CAD4TB is a significant part of the equation because CAD4COVID was built upon the same high-quality standard as CAD4TB, which is validated by over 40 academic publications and has contributed to screening 6 million people worldwide across 40 countries.

CAD4COVID is the first AI software that is proved to perform at the same level as human expert readers to detect COVID-19 related abnormalities on chest X-ray images.
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