Date Issued: June 11, 2019 –

On Tuesday 11th of June 2019, our Managing Director, Dr Maurits Verhagen was invited by the Ghana Netherlands Business Culture Council (GNBCC) to give a presentation on Universal Delft’s company profile, and the work we do outside Ghana, especially in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The program was organised to stimulate private sector development in Sierra Leone and Liberia through increased business and better use of the Private Sector Development instruments as offered by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO).

Present at the event were Her Excellency Mrs. Virginia Anderson, High Commissioner of the Sierra Leone High Commission in Ghana and The Dutch Ambassador in Ghana, His Excellency Mr. Ron Strikker, Mrs. Binta Jalloh, representing the Sierra Leone Netherlands Business and Culture Council (SLNBCC) as well as Mr. Stanley Slagmolen representing the Liberia Netherlands Business and Culture Council (LNBCC), as well as over 40 other invited guests.

This program was held at the Villa Boutique Hotel in Osu, Accra.


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