Date Issued: March 03, 2018 –

Our mother company, Delft Imaging Systems won the ”Doing Business in Africa Award 2018” and we are pleased to be part of this achievement.

We’re very proud and grateful to have won the ‘Doing Business in Africa’ award.

Our project in Ghana is a great example of our work. In 2016, Delft installed X-ray systems with CAD4TB software in 52 hospitals and clinics across Ghana. The local doctors and physicians were trained in reading and reporting on chest X-rays and tuberculosis. In addition, all technical maintenance to the equipment is carried out by local engineers of Universal Delft, our local office in Accra.

To involve the local population, Ghanaian artists were asked to decorate all the clinics. Over the last 5 years, our innovations helped to screen over 3 million people for tuberculosis. We have implemented over 40 projects in more than 33 countries. Winning the award motivates us to continue our work in Africa, and worldwide.

Our goal is to eliminate TB from the world, so wherever our help is needed, we will provide it. We look forward to further expanding our activities in Africa and maintain our focus to support in the fight against TB!



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