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Capacity Building

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Universal Delft is dedicated to empowering its customers for optimal use of their equipment, devices, IT-solutions, etc. To that effect UD    organises seminars, hands-on trainings, web based-learning modules and technical assistance.

For all hard- and software we are supplying, we provide comprehensive user- and technical trainings. On-site or in our demonstration  room at our office, whatever makes most sense.

Capacity building, training and technical assistance in the ‘Accelerating Case Detection of Tuberculosis in Ghana’-project
During the implementation phase of the project (Febr 2016 – Febr 2018), we delivered both equipment related training and program & clinical related training.

Equipment Related Training


To enable effective use and adequate maintenance of equipment and software provided under the project engineers and IT-officers were trained from all 52 beneficiary institutions.

On the local level, 42 radiographers were trained as well.
For Ghana Health Services Regional Equipment Managers, Headquarters Clinical Engineers and IT-managers were trained as well.

E-learning ‘Chest X-ray reading and Tuberculosis’

The burden of Tuberculosis

The successful 5-day seminar training was converted into an e-learning, which serves as a refresher course for those who attended a seminar in 2018 and provides ‘newcomers’ an excellent platform to improve their skills and knowledge.

Click below to view our e-learning website.